FACE Africa Ebola Awareness Campaign

Ebola Crisis in Liberia #StopTheSpread
Liberians continue to face tremendous hardship since the end of the long and devastating civil war over 10 years ago. The current Ebola crisis presents a whole new set of challenges for a country struggling to rebuild. According to our Liberia Program Manager Emmett Wilson, “the situation on the ground is serious and people are really afraid. The whole country has pretty much shut down and everyone is taking serious measures not to contract the disease.”

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FACE Africa Strategy Meeting


On July 26th our diverse team at FACE Africa gathered in our Boston office, situated in the Next Mile Project nonprofit accelerator space on the Boston harbor front, to discuss a new stage in the evolution of the organization and the strategic direction over the next five years.

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[FACE IN THE NEWS] “Boston nonprofit hub sparks collaboration through shared work space”

We’re proud to be a part of the Next Mile Project family. Read more about how the Next Mile Project is working to bring together nonprofits, innovative philanthropy and the private sector. » “The benefits of the working space are immediately apparent. Last Mile Health is already discussing how to work with FACE Africa, another organization that does work in Liberia. The rural healthcare organization is set to conduct an evaluation of interventions in one part of the country. FACE Africa’s approach to improving access to water may just be a part of that evaluation.”

—Full article at: http://www.humanosphere.org/basics/2014/06/boston-nonprofit-hub-sparks-collaboration-shared-work-space/?utm_content=buffer8bb9a&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

We Have A New Home @ the Next Mile Project!

Another PROUD PROUD moment for FACE Africa!!!! We have ditched our transient lifestyle (to the chagrin of many a Starbucks and local cafe managers) for the comfort of an amazing new nonprofit accelerator program/ work space here in Boston called the Next Mile Project. It is incredible to be in such an exciting atmosphere. Our office mate, Wellbody Alliance, is a non-profit organization that delivers free, high-quality health care to Sierra Leone’s amputated civilians. Our on-ground, Liberian healthcare partner Last Mile Health is just across the hall. This is the primary mission of Next Mile, to build an innovative and curated community for nonprofits to share, grow and accelerate, and we couldn’t be happier to begin this exciting new stage in the development of our organization!!! Onwards & upwards! -Team FACE Africa

Another Milestone - Our New FACE Mobile!


Another milestone for FACE Africa!
We are the proud owner of a Totoya Hilux pickup truck thanks to funds raised from our Car for Good Indiegogo campaign and in part to the recent funding we received from Chevron Liberia.
We are so grateful to all those who supported our crowdfunding campaign. This truck means so much to us and will allow us to get even further to bring safe drinking water to remote communities in rural Liberia! As you know we work in areas that are isolated and have not been touched by much external support due to distance, bad roads, and weak infrastructure. Our new truck will be instrumental in getting our team to the field, transporting the necessary materials and equipments needed to implement our projects, and taking us to more areas that are in need so that we can conduct feasibility studies and assessments. Most importantly, having a strong, reliable 4x4 will ensure our team’s safety and security.
Today our team took off for Rivercess on a 4-day assessment trip and words cannot adequately express how excited we are and what this truck means to us. Thank you for continuing to support us!
- Team FACE Africa

Africa Water Week: “It’s Time for Water”


“Water’s centrality to development is no longer debatable – a fact that has been proven throughout history. And yet, water’s social, economic and environmental value is often overlooked,” Hon. Sarah Reng Ochekpe, Nigeria’s Minister for Water Resources


Today, May 21st FACE Africa signed its largest single grant with Chevron Liberia. $100,000 to build 20 water projects in Rivercess County! The grant is part of the Chevron-Liberia Economic Development (C-LED) Initiative. Through this five-year effort, Chevron has committed to social investment programs designed to improve lives by focusing on three strategic areas: health, education and economic development.

WE ARE HERE: NYU International Public Service Association (IPSA) Conference 2014

David Norman, Our Chief Business Development Officer, was a panelist for the Water, Sanitation, Hygiene (WASH): Tools and Approaches for Future Practitioners panel discussion for the 11th Annual IPSA Conference on the campus of New York University (NYU). The NYU Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and the International Public Service Association collaborate annually to host the IPSA conference as a way to raise awareness of international public service issues. The IPSA Conference is primarily focused on the areas of interest in international public management, policy, finance, health, as well as urban planning.

[FACE IN THE NEWS] “In fight for gender equality in Africa, clean water plays a key role”

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — An average woman in Africa spends about 60 percent of her day fetching water for her household. The chore not only forces women to walk miles to the nearest water source—which is highly likely to be contaminated—but it also prevents them from using that time to pursue educational or job opportunities instead.

Providing better access to clean water, therefore, can result not only in improved health, but also in gender equality, according to Saran Kaba Jones, the founder and executive director of FACE Africa, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit dedicated to improving water quality in remote parts of the continent.

Read full article: http://www.globalpost.com/dispatches/globalpost-blogs/global-pulse/fight-gender-equality-africa-clean-water-plays-key-role

WE ARE HERE: MIT Africa Innovate Conference 2014

Our CEO Saran Kaba Jones was a panelist on the “Women in Africa” panel discussion today at the MIT Africa Innovate Conference 2014. Africa Innovate is an intimate showcase of the latest ideas and innovations in entrepreneurship, finance, healthcare, energy and education.  The Women in Africa panel explored the expanding role of women in advancing growth and development across Africa and feature women leaders in both public and private sectors.

[GUEST BLOG] 2014 WASH Gala Host Committee Chair


As the curtains came down on the 5th Annual WASH Gala, I scrambled around the various compartments of the Ball room, combing through crowds of people congregated in small groups chatting, taking pictures, being interviewed or networking. I was on a mission to find some very important people, and when I did, I rudely interrupted them, politely excusing them from whatever they were doing. They were members of the Host Committee and I needed them to take a group photo by the “selfie wall”.

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